Saturday, December 11, 2010

les miserables

i donno a place where i kan vent my frustration bt here....
this is a story of a gal who just wants 2 use this blog 2 vent out her frustrating experiences....
her name is bla....
bla's a good girl with a good mind and a good attitude. you cant be all good in this life shes told so she adds a lil attitude to her attitude.
bla does a lot of good things but is hardly appreciated, shes sad on the inside cos a lil thankyou matters to her more than a lot of money but shes very happy on the outside cos she has to be.
bla loves to do alot of things, bt shes not sure anymore because she has no freedom to do what she wants to do. bla's a slave to a lot of things.... i mean a lot.
bla makes a little mistake and shes treated like she cant do anything right.
bla has no real friend she can talk 2 about anything cos shes not even allowed to have friends.
the few secret friends she has thing her life is perfect. why? she doesnt know.
bla doesnt know what the future holds for her because shes been led in to many directions shes lost and doesnt know her way back.