Monday, August 20, 2012

new blog

so im planning to shut this blog down very soon....
but dnt worry, im nt disappearing...
you can find me now at


Tuesday, August 14, 2012


i know..
i promised
i didn't keep to my promise.. ;(

if u re confused, then don't worry..
i promised to blog all the time nd since may 2012..
all i've been doing is stalking blogs..

well, i dnt think any1 wants to know the gory story of how i lost the use of my laptop, so lemmy jst get straight to the point here...
I'M ALIVEEEEE...  thanks for asking.. :)

now back to the point of today...
i hope all u fashion bloggers/ fashionistas re not here seekig inspiration nd pictures...
lmao... (yeva, u must be smoking baobab to think any1 would come here to look at u dress.)

well... ya;ll should sit back relax and chew on some guava cos i have some cool stories for u. (rubs hands with glee)

u see, this is supposed to be a serious post but cos u guyz have to bear with me.. i knt do anything with a straight face on.. :(

so how many of u recognize this???
how many hands do i see .. 1, 2, 3... o.k  ok.
damn.. u are old o...
this is what my post is about.

cool story 1

you see my mum studied history as a major in d uni, nd as mush as ive laughed at her, i secretly admire that.
ive never taken any course in history, but any time i pick up an african classic whic i love soo much.. i connect with the book immediately....

o.k cool story over.. you can now wake up... 
i sumbled on this blog recently..theyoungradicals or rather, this particular post.. nd i saw wonderful nd old pictures of my state and i fell in love... 

i did another intensive google search.. nd it had to be intensive cos as yaa'll know.. nigeria is bad with records... :( and i found some more pictures...


can u believe this is how bar beach looked like :(
 (shakes head slowly)


erm...  *scratches head *

lagos island..

i know i waznt even conceived in this period but this pictures make me nostalgic...
y iznt Lagos so beautiful?
nywayz this post is not for debate.. i just want ya'll to enjoy looking at these pictures as much as i did....
and pls lets try not to forget our history..

much love and back rubs.. 
enjoy an God bless..

Monday, May 7, 2012


i was tagged by Ms♥Infamous and Destiny - Yankeenaijachick + Success  :) 

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11 questions from 

What do you think of when you think of New York or Paris? 
new york = bigger lagos
paris= love, french, fashion, baguette 

Which one of your character flaws would you like to improve? 
im trying to improve on my patience

If you had it to do over again what would you study in school?
mass comm, film making or digital media and communications or ill jst stick to my lovely computer science

If you had an extra room in your house what would you use it for?
my personal bedroom all pimped up by me :)

What would you do if you were invisible for a day?
watch my lecturers set my exam questions lool..

Who is there in your life that you would take a bullet for?
my 4 siblings and my mum.

If you could spend five minutes with the president what would you talk about?
i donno but ill make sure ill include "oga jonah, u dey fuck up o... "

What cause are you willing to fight for?
children and media.. (u didnt mean die for abi cos ill only carry placard o. jk. ) i totally hate it when little children shows have violence, sex and pass the wrong message especially the 1z children are addicted to.

How would you explain love to somebody who had never heard of it before?
omo that 1 go hard o. i donno how to explain love.. ill probably make u a music playlist.

If you had a year off with pay, what would you do?
travel to as many places as i can afford, gain weight, learn all the random things i plan to use my youth service year learning like how to cook,sew e.t.c

On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you with your life right now?
singing *i love my life* probably 9/10 cos therez always room for more happiness

11 questions from destiny
1) The last place you visited
Ondo state Nigeria... breathtaking hills and rocks..

2)What you ate for lunch
friend rice, spaghetti and egg.. (cafeteria regular)

3)Do you have any beauty regime that you always use?
honey on face every morning, olive oil as part of my body cream, chapet  instead of lipgloss

4)What is your favorite beauty product?
honey cos its very versatile 

5)Do you have one weakness and how you overcame it?
my major is weakness is dat i can start crying if i see or imagine someone cry (shy face).  i still havnt overcome it o... nd the weird thing is that i still dnt know how to express my own emotions.

6)What is your biggest accomplishment in life so far?
getting my bsc next month will be a very big accomplishment.. 

7) What reality show do you watch all the time?
no t.v for me inskul :(  but i really like jerseylicious

8)Have you done something for anyone this year?

9)Tell me about your day
 typical day: wake up, remember to pray, argue with roommate, go to class, write a test, chase project supervisor, snap pictures in boring class, gist..gist..gist.., find food, get to hostel, chill watch a movie, attempt to study bt get distracted by interesting gist, hang on window to browse, 

10) What type of man do you love?
quiet, funny, good looking, smart... im attracted to smart guys. love is unpredictable

11)What is your favorite song?
changes every week/day/month
all time fav = apologize by 1 republic
this year/month/week  = kenny g, forever in love

now yevas questions
where would u like to spend your honeymoon
1 thing u really want to talk about but you never do
most embarrassing experience
things you want to change about your self
your ultimate goal in life
if u win big brother, what would u use d money 4?
1 extremely weird thing about u
best movie of all time..
if u could be a child again what would u do differently or change?
if u get pregnant now, will u keep d baby or abort it
best blogger

tagged... u in...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

English, blogging and talents

i not jst recently discovered that my english is terrible and i have a hard time learning new languages.. 
this did not just happen suddenly o... it happened over a period of time in which i was constantly speaking pidgin english like a militant and making gest of yourba people with their 'H' factor... (p.s im also yourba)

it recently dawned on me that ive become like the people i used to laugh at on a regs.. (chei see my life..)

so una.. the moral lesson of my tory here be say: "make una no dey laugh person wey no fit speak "
sorry: dont laught at people that dont seem to get their tenses right, and cant help it if their "EMEKA" sounds like  "HAY-MEKA" 
 (or at least if you are even gonna laugh small dont poke fun and try to describe what you heard to your friends cos i bet u.. you'll get the (wizkid) sorry the factor too..  ::)))

ok back to moi..... *moment of silence pls*
i used to be an award winning descriptive essayist (well clap awards in my ss3 english Cambridge/WAEC classes count right?)
 but now.... i cant say the same of myself.. ,
i also used to write a lot of stories and poems and essays and things like that and i was quite good.. but 1 way or the other i threw my talent away and now i regret it.

now with a fierce determination and a patient attitude (and a search party) im gonna rediscover my talent and use it to do great things (like taking over the world).

i hereby use this medium to reignite my passion and search for my talent (whatever that means)
im gonna write till i get fingers cramp, and in the process over come my factors and my gbagauns and my horrible tenses until i take over the world...

Disclaimer: pls forgive my bad english ehn... i promise to get better.


so today i finally grew the balls to start or rather restart my blog. :)
cheers to the born again blog.. lets drink to that :)

ok before we start drinking and get all drunk, whats courage?
they say its the ability to over confront fear, danger, or intimidation.
all these big words... do we all know the meanings?
personally i dont care..
i define my own courage as picking up that biology textbook even though your skull is unusally thick to biology.
it is picking up that biro and writing what you want to write even though your handwriting can be compared to the footprints of the chicken that just crossed the road.
its saying what you want to say even though u sound stupid to your self.
or taking that cold bath that harmatan morning everybodys doing "rub n shine"

everybody attributes courage to david in the bibble, when he confronted goliath "fearlessly".
hian, who wants to start killing human giants now? have u heard of "the swollen black eye"??

nywayz all im trying and hustling to say here is courage is doing something, anything that'll make a difference even when u scared shit less, even when the world says no,
even if u have to run after, therez nothing like that adrenalin and sense of fufilment that ull get after.

my own act of courage is posting in this blog...
im so mother-hawkish about my articles nd things that i write but now all im saying is:

peace and love.

P.S: i didnt tell u 2 go nd slap chuck norris o.