Wednesday, November 16, 2011

short long day

i woke up on the right side of the bed with my laptop snoozing off beside me and i sed to myself...  ♪what a wonderful worldddddddd♪♪

then i remembered, yesterday my friend and substitue husband got expelled from this "school" of ours for a crime he knew nofin about and my 'p' button is still faulty. :(
maybe its not such a wonderful world.. *sniff sniff*

*still crying* why God why him??? he didnt do anything...

ok i usually wake up by 5;30 am but in my dream, my (real) boyfriend gave me 40grand instead of the 12grand i asked him for in reallife. who'll wake up 4rm such a dream? (hez not gonna gimme 1kobo in real life so dont start setting p). therefore almighty tolu woke up by 6am, slyed her roommate/bestfriend and went to have her bath.
trust me my dear roomie/bestie did not find that funny...

well fuzzy logic is a 10 oclock class so i took my laptop and i swear i wanted to read but ...... i ended up browsing until 9:30 sha sha... *covers face in shame*
its not my fault na... the internet seduced me.

God will punish who ever invented fuzzy logic... Mrs O as far as im concerned was just speaking arabaic.. after locking me outta the class for 30mins cos i waz just 10mins late mscheeeew. only to come and teach rubbish.

then why is musa such a lazy man?  
MR MUSA who thought it funny to put on a bow tie to class was to lazy to fully explain an example to us in class and stormed out forming vex when we didnt even do anything. oniranu oshi..

he sed we were complaining, but wount u self complain if u were tricked into doing a course where it take your lecturer 1 hour to solve 1 part of an equation which is divided into 4 parts.

so much studying to do... i swear final year is not easy and i have to up my grades if i dont wanna be homeless after grad. (my parents are still expecting first class. lool )

i knt suffer like this only 4 sm1 to come and expell me o... lailai.. it cant happen.

Friday, August 12, 2011


ok i met a doctor when i waznt really feeling fine and i actually asked him about this weight gain issue cos im also naturally skinny.
he actually put me on a diet like they do to those pple that wanna lose weight, Sad
lemmy share part of what he told me

1) EXERCISE: but not all type of exercises are mad for skinny people, i was told to do push-ups and muscle gaining exercises BUT NOT EVERY DAY. as a girl like me, i was assured that i wount gain muscle like professional muscle builders (10k God ) cos of my gender and as long as i dont do it every day bt when u exercise, u tend 2 eat more cos of your body is being forced to change,
P.S (FOR GIRLS): there re exercises that could actually make you curvier Wink

2) AVOID JUNK FOOD (MADE OF SUGAR): COS minerals and all the sugar in the food will just give you a lot of energy and stop you from actually eating and NATURALLY SKINNY PEOPLE will probably burn all the sugar cos they are almost always hyper active, and they are also unhealthy,

3) A LOT OF FRUITS: like a literally a lot of fruits, everybody knows the advantages of fruits. and BANANAS make some people gain weight.

4) EAT NORMALLY: don't over feed your self cos u'll just end up getting indigestion but make sure you are filled up when you eat and eat a little more than you usually do. eat 3 times a day or as you normally do but remember to add milk, yogurt and all those potentially fattening food to your diet (PLS NOT TO MUCH)

5) DONT OBSESS: if u keep on looking at a scale u might get disappointed so just be normal.

6) SNACK A LOT: on healthy snacks sha like nuts and crackers (im not too sure about this). this is for those that work sha and cant eat everytime,

Anyways i hope some of you trying to gain weight would benefit from these but remember you have to do this the healthy way so that you wont have problems when you gain the weight and u cant loose it or so u wont have health problems when you 40,

P.S: i waz also placed on some multivitamins, (that's all i have now) Smiley and its working for me, i hope it works 4 ya'll.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

CornerStone Youth Church

yay! its sunday finally and its the inaugural service of cornerstone Youth church....
ya"ll invited...
its gonna be soo much fun...