Thursday, March 15, 2012

English, blogging and talents

i not jst recently discovered that my english is terrible and i have a hard time learning new languages.. 
this did not just happen suddenly o... it happened over a period of time in which i was constantly speaking pidgin english like a militant and making gest of yourba people with their 'H' factor... (p.s im also yourba)

it recently dawned on me that ive become like the people i used to laugh at on a regs.. (chei see my life..)

so una.. the moral lesson of my tory here be say: "make una no dey laugh person wey no fit speak "
sorry: dont laught at people that dont seem to get their tenses right, and cant help it if their "EMEKA" sounds like  "HAY-MEKA" 
 (or at least if you are even gonna laugh small dont poke fun and try to describe what you heard to your friends cos i bet u.. you'll get the (wizkid) sorry the factor too..  ::)))

ok back to moi..... *moment of silence pls*
i used to be an award winning descriptive essayist (well clap awards in my ss3 english Cambridge/WAEC classes count right?)
 but now.... i cant say the same of myself.. ,
i also used to write a lot of stories and poems and essays and things like that and i was quite good.. but 1 way or the other i threw my talent away and now i regret it.

now with a fierce determination and a patient attitude (and a search party) im gonna rediscover my talent and use it to do great things (like taking over the world).

i hereby use this medium to reignite my passion and search for my talent (whatever that means)
im gonna write till i get fingers cramp, and in the process over come my factors and my gbagauns and my horrible tenses until i take over the world...

Disclaimer: pls forgive my bad english ehn... i promise to get better.


  1. Yeva Dear, I pardon your bad English, like u requested(Joking), Interesting write up.
    I love your Blog, your write up and the Light effects at the Background of your Blog Page.
    I also Like your Blog List my dear.
    You may have a look at my Blog Page here (iNaija) I will be glad to have my Blog listed in your Blog List, while you kindly follow as well.
    Thanks in anticipation for your warm and kind gesture.

  2. cool post!
    mehn youre not the only one suffering from this english thing o
    it seems asif slangs have taken over our whole vocabulary
    im also trying to get better

  3. :) thank you for following my blog. I followed back... :)

    have a blessed week further

    1. honestly.. your blog is awesome..

  4. Hello Yeva! You have been tagged, check it out via my blog

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