Thursday, March 15, 2012


so today i finally grew the balls to start or rather restart my blog. :)
cheers to the born again blog.. lets drink to that :)

ok before we start drinking and get all drunk, whats courage?
they say its the ability to over confront fear, danger, or intimidation.
all these big words... do we all know the meanings?
personally i dont care..
i define my own courage as picking up that biology textbook even though your skull is unusally thick to biology.
it is picking up that biro and writing what you want to write even though your handwriting can be compared to the footprints of the chicken that just crossed the road.
its saying what you want to say even though u sound stupid to your self.
or taking that cold bath that harmatan morning everybodys doing "rub n shine"

everybody attributes courage to david in the bibble, when he confronted goliath "fearlessly".
hian, who wants to start killing human giants now? have u heard of "the swollen black eye"??

nywayz all im trying and hustling to say here is courage is doing something, anything that'll make a difference even when u scared shit less, even when the world says no,
even if u have to run after, therez nothing like that adrenalin and sense of fufilment that ull get after.

my own act of courage is posting in this blog...
im so mother-hawkish about my articles nd things that i write but now all im saying is:

peace and love.

P.S: i didnt tell u 2 go nd slap chuck norris o. 

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